We've been attending this church before it was "this" church.  We started attending while they were at their old church building.  Whitney and Brady were young and now they are both almost 30 years old!  (Aaah That's bad news for me!)  If you look to the right an entire wing is being built.  I have to admit at first I wasn't on board.  I thought because of the economy being in such stinkin' awful shape, it was a bad idea.  Now I've changed by mind.  I know the church "should" be the highlight of any town, and God doesn't care about the economy - only the shape of people. 


We live in the suburbs and this is the old part of our town. 

Scan 210

The notes from last Sunday.  Can you guess what the sermon was about?  


 I'm trying to teach the kids to be bold prayer warriors.  Every night I tell one of the boys to lead their nighttime prayers.

We've now had Boone and Pryor 7 months and they are speaking English.  I decided tonight maybe Boone could start. 

Me:  "Boone tonight you lead the prayer. "  I went ahead and left the room, but I listened out of sight.  

Boone:  "Good night everybody!  I don't care dumb butts."


This was after bath time tonight.  He has been asking me for suspenders for several days and one of the boys found some in the garage today.  Boone was thrilled.