Don't Hate Me Because They're Beautiful

We decided to eat breakfast downtown at our favorite breakfast place.  We figured we were in the safest place in the US, because this was going on in Indy.


While we were sitting there, I heard someone at the table beside us say something about China's one-child policy.  Hmmm... coincidence?  That's my life.  I think I'm normal, but I guess I'm not. 




Later in the day we ate out again.  Yeah, I'm lazy.  I do have a cold though.  The waitress who I've known for a long time came up and asked if we were getting "any more."  She said, "We want you to get another one."  Hmmm...  OK why not.

Actually, I don't think she speaks for everyone at her restaurant.  The waitresses there treat us great--except one.  We avoid her like the plague.  We don't take it personal though.  She hates everyone's kids.  OK, maybe she hates our's a little more--but only because there are more of them.




Boone really likes his food!  He likes to eat fast and then ask me for mine.


Stafan tells me he is the strongest kid in his class.





They made me catch the cold I caught.
They made me lose my train of thought.
 They swipe your stripes.
They clog your pipes.
 They dig up your garden.
 They won't beg your pardon.
 They eat your snacks.
 They won't relax!
They chip your tooth!
 They steal your youth!
 And now you know the horrible truth! 

Winnie The Pooh

The truth is I wish I were getting younger instead of older so I could keep on adopting and get some more just like the little guy to my right (your left).