"Sending positive thoughts your way." No thank you. It may sound nice and sweet, but hate to break it to you, just like the Easter bunny can't deliver baskets or Santa really can't come down your chimney, neither can your thoughts travel across the air waves.  If I'm having problems and asking people to pray, please, please pray to the one and only true living God, the creator... the man upstairs.  No offense-- but neither you or your thoughts are really that powerful.  And if that offends, all I can say is better you than God.  


Psalm 3:8 Victory comes from you, O Lord.  May you bless your people.


How often are we this pathetic?  : - )  But when real problems bring you to your knees, that is exactly where you need to be.


Prayer comes when you realize you cannot do it on your own and then you can reach out to Jesus Christ. 


A study of brain waves has revealed that too much concentration might be a bad thing when it comes to reaching that “eureka!” moment.


This kid does my heart good.