Bill and Aunt Adria 1
My Aunt Adria, who I named Remi after, has cancer and is praying for a miracle, and since we believe in them we are requesting prayers!

Aunt Adria
I only remember her living in Louisiana, but she still comes home every summer. As a kid I spent time with her and my cousins at my Grandma's house. She was prettier than Doris Day and had the coolest clothes. I remember my Grandma thinking Aunt Adria's skirts were too short, but Aunt Adria didn't mind. I also remember one time they left to go back to Louisana. Grandma looked so sad. She softly said "You always wonder if this will be the last time you ever see them." I used to watch Aunt Adria put her make up on and even the way she held her hands. She always carries herself so confidently, which made a big impression on me as a kid. She was one of those women every young girl wanted to grow up and be like. I'll never forget one time we went out to eat. A man about a foot away stood staring at her. I guess she felt his stare, so she turned and looked straight into his face and with her thick Louisana accent said, "hello." He was so shocked he didn't say a word and turned away embarrassed. I thought, wow, so that is how you do it. I never picked up my Aunt Adria's class, but I sure tried. Please say a prayer for her.
It's past midnight and the kids are still playing (they're on Spring Break, so no school tomorrow). I'm sitting here bored for no reason other than I'm SICK of cold weather and I know many of my friends are heading south this very minute. I know this is random, but I've been looking at pictures of Elizabeth Taylor. I wasn't her biggest fan, but it sad she died. So since how I'm feeling right now makes little sense I decided to post some pictures that make no sense.

All I can say is we had better be praying!!

Whitney has always been involved in newspapers or advertising so who knows what she was doing here, but I do know it was the day Obama came to our town. BTW, Whitney is a Libertarian.

Lael was only 14 y.o. when Obama took office. She came home from school crying. Sadly at her age she knew more about politics than half the people that voted.

I warned you this post was going to be random, but maybe I need to look at some comfort food.

Or, maybe something to remind me of hot weather!

Maybe something just sweet and cute.

Haven't saw Brady since Christmas, but found this picture of him. : - ) BTW, he is heading for Germany in a few weeks. Hmm... I could use a vacation.

Have I aged that much? Yeah, well so what?

jan 1 098
What about you Ginger?!!!

Arden and cousin
My niece Payton has changed too.


More cuteness.


I warned you this was going to be random, but wasn't Cokie little and cute?. And, since I'm rambling let me talk about my husband. : - ) He is one great guy! Mike started working in a mailroom out of high school. He then worked his way through college. He then went to law school and graduated in the top 10 percent of his class. He even made law review and got an article published! I'm getting really tired, so enough of this Charlie Sheen rambling--but it is all true unlike Sheen's ramble.



Last week I was shopping at my very favorite store. That would be Gap. The sales girl and I were talking about all the kids I buy clothes for and the fact that at least many of my kids have a "twin" they can share clothes with, which helps. She then asked me why I started adopting. I said "Oh, I have endometriosis." She said sincerely "I'm sorry." I was shocked and thinking "Why?! I'm not." I wonder if she has ever heard the song "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers"? OK, maybe she doesn't like country music. The point is, knowing how many kids I have, why would someone feel sorry for me because I can't have kids biologically? I mean, if I didn't absolutely adore my kids and love adopting, why would I have adopted ten times? It is not an easy process (sorry to disappoint all you women who like to pop out babies and tell adoptive mothers they got their kids "the easy way"--If pregnancy is so hard, why do you keep getting pregnant?). Adoption certainly isn't the "cheap way" either. But for me, it was God's way, which is always the best way (and the happiness my kids bring me confirms that). Oh well, I guess the fact that someone feels sorry for me means my conceit about my kids isn't showing as bad as I thought it was.










My Dad's last living sibling out of 11 kids.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I know this doesn't look like St. Patrick's Day, but they had their school play and this is what they had to wear.

This is not Shepard's usual smiling face. I think he must have been really tired.

So what do you think? Kind of makes sense why he left Princess Diana for her... he is weird.

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading is a wonderful Christian program, and we are so lucky that our church participates. To cap an already great season, Mike was able to talk the people who run Conseco Fieldhouse (home of the Indiana Pacers) into letting the 5th and 6th graders play their last games there. Remi and Bret play in the 5th and 6th grade league, and so does my nephew Eliot. Eliot had the game of his life, so it was an especially cool experience for him (and I'm sure his dad, who coached him, too). The Pacers also let the cheer squad Cokie is on cheer at a Pacers game the next night. Whitney cheered in high school, so she wanted to coach her sister Cokie and cousins Gabrielle and Darby. They were REALLY loud and REALLY good! Great job girls, and great job coaching Whitney!

Mike also was able to get us into a suite for the game Cokie cheered. I have to admit, I could careless about sports, but if you tell me I get to hang out in a suite with some fancy food, I'm in (although I was pretty bummed the dessert cart didn't come around). I do know sports are good for the kids, so I like them playing--even if I don't know whether the game is supposed to be played on a field or a court. What can I say? Sue me. These pictures are blurry, because we took them from the suite.

My niece Darby (in front) is such a shy little thing...NOT! She is smart and knows how to make you laugh.


Just when the girls couldn't think they were any cooler, Boomer, the Pacers mascot, jumped in our suite! I was even shocked he could do that. The girls were thrilled and let out huge SCREAMS.





Mike spent most of the game with Cokie on his lap. Finally, Gabrielle came up and asked him, "Uncle Mike, can I sit on your other lap?" He loved the attention more than the game.



I dare ya!

Copy, paste and watch this:

The first is more clear, but the second has the story behind it or maybe it's the other way around. Who cares. Just watch both.

Well, actually this one is the best quality. : - )

Life with Lyric


Lyric has spirit, energy and a zest for life that makes her stand out. Even in the orphanage, where believe me it is a tough life, she managed to shine. My prayer is Lyric always shines for Jesus

Lyric and Cokie watching circus
Oh my goodness, you forget how little and cute they were!

Lyric and Cokie

Expose Planned Parenthood


WHAT: “For Such a Time is This” Teleconference and Web Simulcast Event

DATE: Monday, March 7

TIME: 9 PM Eastern (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)


FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via phone or webcast -- it's your choice)


Woo Hoo!

Hang on and don't let go! Spring will get here!

Getting ready for spring. My neices came over and got trims and cuts.





Mine, Lael and Arden

Stafan got one too. He was mad, because I'm letting Shepard's grow out.

Of course Shepard thought it was funny. They are too cute.