Holding Auditions!!!


I received Birthday pictures of the next little Allen!

新嘉小白 (2)

Oh, what I would give to know what that wish was for!

嘉小白庆生会 (95)

嘉小白庆生会 (142)

嘉小白庆生会 (150)



Look at the little ones left behind.

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.” -Frank Sinatra


This must be a Chinese custom, because he looks like he is getting married. Mike was happy that he didn't look all goofy as if he was liking it. : - )

The only one that seemed to think the shirt was funny was Lyric and me.



My last day ever I can say

I'm not a Grandma.
Whitney is at the hospital and should give birth tomorrow!!!!!
Now I've just got to quickly figure out what I want to be called. Big Mom, Gram, Gramma, Grammy Grams, Grandmama, Grandmom, Grandmother, Grannie, Ma, or Maw, Mamo, MawMaw, Mema, Memaw, Mom-Mom, Nana or Nanny!

Whit grandpa baker
Whitney with my sweet, sweet Grandpa.
whit tiny
Whitney with her Daddy. He was 23 y.o. and in college. He dropped out for 6 months after she was born and he cried (don't tell him I told you that). He was afraid that would be the end of his schooling. He ended up becoming an attorney and graduated in the top 10% of his law class.
whit at oakridge
My Mom literally thought if you didn't keep your baby's shoes polished you were nothing more than white trash.: - )
whit long hair w mom
Whitney's long red hair.
whit kindergarten
whit tongue
whit cheerleader
whit prom

Remi Adria Cai

We've had Remi a little over two years now. For two years she has had enough to eat. For two years she has had more than one pair of socks to wear. For two years she is not called dog shit everyday. For two years she has not been told she is bad luck when someone loses at gambling. For awhile now, she no longer rocks when she walks because of nervousness.

When the song stops please watch this youtube.
I think Remi wrote this letter about a year ago.
Remi grew sunflowers this year and watered them every day. Yes, I would sometimes have to remind her, but not once did she ever complain.
She also took a watermelon seed and grew this. Remi deserves this new life as much as any other child and it doesn't matter if she is adopted or not.
She hates us
Remi still in China waiting on her new family.

Lyric and Cokie

Lyric and Cokie are officially no longer little.  In fact, I can't believe they're getting so big!  They both were 2 y.o. when we got them, and now Lyric is 10 and Cokie soon will be too. I took this picture today after they got off the school bus. I'm not ready for them to grow up. I guess it is time though, since in about a week I'll have a new grandson and in a few months I'll have a new 6 y.o. son!

The kids were out of school Monday for a teacher in service day.  I had been promising Lyric for a long time I would let her start baking, so I finally kept my promise. She loved it! I'm not like my Mom who let me bake and mess up the kitchen anytime I pleased.


Wow, it is so true that the best things in life are not things.




The Grand Del Mar

This summer, I got to go to San Diego. More importantly, I got to stay at the Grand Del Mar. It is the most beautiful hotel I have ever seen, much less stayed in. San Diego is not my favorite city, but the Grand Del Mar is now my favorite hotel I've been in. It actually isn't a hotel--it is a resort. I had never heard of a triple 5 star hotel and was wondering, what the heck does that mean? Now I know and OMW, it deserved the rating!

The way the help treated you was an experience in itself. Every single time you started to pass a resort employee in the hall, they stopped in their tracks, made eye contact, let you pass and greeted you. I was thinking... this is a little awkward. I could get use to it though!


One morning, I ate breakfast out on the lawn, but I didn't want to pig out...too much. I had to get weighed for the adoption right after this trip. It wasn't pretty. For those of you who are not in the adoption world... yes, China wants to know how much you weigh.



I'm going to start with my favorite 3 things about my little trip.

#1 The bathtub!! The water literally came up to my neck. I filled it full every time. When we checked in they asked if we wanted to participate in their green program, which meant we would reuse our towels. Are you kidding... you're going to charge me $36 for a tea, and you want me to reuse my towels?! I don't even do that at home.



The toilet had its own room on the right and there was a closet on the left.


Some day, when I come into my money this is the bath I'll have. So after I get my 11 kids raised, look out!!




#2 Huevos Rancheros
Perefectly cooked and very yummy!!! Huevos Rancheros with two eggs, refried beans, cheddar and jack cheese, smoked bacon, salsa and guacamole.


I told Bret I had to learn how to make this. The spices were something that I have no clue what they were and the bacon melted in your mouth. You have to know Bret, but she is very calm and dry. She just said, "Good luck with that," and left the room.


Today after church we ate at Steak N Shake. I asked the kids if I told them about something at the hotel. Remi is still not mouthy with me, even though she has been here 2 years so she just answered yes. Bret said, "about a 110 times." What can I say? I don't take things for granted. Seriously, at times like these, I miss my Mom the most. She never cared how much I bragged.



#3 It was in our room. I don't even know what this coffee maker thing is called, but as soon as our adoption is over, I'm getting one no matter the cost. Actually, it would have to be cheaper than my Starbucks addiction, so maybe I shouldn't wait!



This was the entry to the room.




Every night when we got back to the room we had a different kind of chocolate left on the bed. I made the mistake of telling the kids and they guilted me into saving the chocolates for them.



We walked out of our room and had our own patio. And right off our patio was the "adult" pool. There was a separate pool for kids, and since I didn't take mine I was glad. :- ) It was heated and had music that plays in it?? As soon as you walked out to the pool deck, someone would run up and ask if they could make up your lawn chair. You kind of felt like you couldn't say no. Then, they laid out a huge fitted towel and then had another fancier one all rolled up for you to lay your neck (so much for the green program and conserving towels). Then, they brought you ice water and smoothies. One morning I took my own diet coke out and they ran up and asked if they could put it in a plastic glass. Sure, knock yourself out.






The resort was in a canyon and had three trails through the canyon you could hike. The views from the trails were gorgeous.





Seriously, we had this many glasses at our table. They gave you lots of wine, but not...


many taters.











We went into the city one morning and then stopped at La Jolla and ate dinner on the way back to the resort. I was torn, because I wanted to see some other sights, but I really didn't want to leave the resort!



We ate at Eddie V's in La Jolla. The food was wonderful and the view overlooking La Jolla Cove was just as good.



Wow, was this food good! I bet it tastes like this is Heaven. Really I do!