My Mom has been gone 14 years and I am finally looking through her old pictures.  Many of the pictures are so old and such bad quality they are hardly worth saving.   I was thrilled to run onto this newspaper article though!  It says it was thought to be taken in 1906.  It would have been my Great Aunt Goldie.  She would  have been born in the late 1800s.   She was my Mom's Mom's sister.  My Grandmother was named Daisy Bell.  

Scan 124

She was my Grandmother's only sibling so I used to hear about Aunt Goldie a lot.  We did visit her a few times, but I don't really remember her.  This picture was taken in French Lick, IN where both my parents were born and raised.  The article says "it is believed" to be her, but that's good enough for me.  I'm sure my Mom knew if it was her or not.  All I know is she saved it.  


What I do know for sure is I have some of her furniture!  When Aunt Goldie died my Mom went to her auction and bought this dresser and a desk.  Neither one of my sisters care for antiques so I got them both, and I won't be parting with them till the Lord says I have to.  : - ) 


The dresser is in Arden's bedroom.  This means the dresser is her Great Great Aunt's.  Maybe someday she'll appreciate that fact, but not today.  LOL    


The desk is in the boys' room.  They use it constantly for their Legos, but not homework.  : - )


Stuck inside the drawer is an old report card that I will never try and get out.  It's practically laminated in there and I think it is so cool.