...And Don't The Kids Just Love It... 


One of their very favorite things to do is go to the real deal Chinese store and buy Chinese candy.  I can't even stand to smell it, much less eat it.  Hey, if it motivates them into doing their chores why not?!


 Actually, that isn't true at all.  I don't "motivate" my kids to do anything--I threaten them.  : - )


 When we were shopping for the "candy" I use the word lightly, the Asian lady that owns the store ran up and started asking her usual questions.  She told me 3 times she loved our family.  Pryor started asking her something in Chinese and she said, "Speak English."  Turns out she is Vietnamese and couldn't understand him.  She said her husband is Chinese.  They neither one speak the others language.  They "try" and speak English to each other.  They have been married 10 years and she said they do not always understand one another. 


She told me I would get a big reward in Heaven, but I told her that isn't how it works.  Well, it does sorta, but that isn't why I do it.  LOL  For all I know, I'll be answering more for my sins than for what I've done.  She went on saying something about Buddha.  She had papers by her cash register she must hand out, and she gave me one.  I said no Buddha and then she handed me her cell and had me type in who I worship.  I typed in Jesus Christ. 

  She knew all about the one child law in China.  She told me her husband and his x-wife had to pay someone to keep one of their children so they wouldn't have to kill her.  She said, "I don't know how you get boys."  Hey,  FYI there are boys too.  : - )    


As we left the store, she hollered one more time,  "I love your family!"