God's Not Dead








Boone loves pictures, and made my friend get in one with him.


Sunday afternoon we went to see "God's NOT DEAD." I had to take this picture in the dark, so it isn't clear.  I saw Shepard wasn't eating any of his popcorn even though he seemed to really want it.  We had been sitting there forever watching all the previews (there must have been 30 minutes of previews) and finally I asked him why.  He said, "because the movie hasn't started yet."  As soon as it did start he ate and ate, but apparently he needed the full "movie experience."  That meant watching the movie and eating his popcorn at the same time.  And that meant even if the popcorn was cold .  

The movie is WONDERFUL and I believe could be life changing for the kids and their faith!  You can see the trailer here.  They were all so pumped after it was over and everybody (including me) teared up more than once.

Compare that to the Noah movie, which is down right evil from what I hear.  Kids are so smart.  I heard Lyric saying,  "The Noah movie has nothing to do with the Bible and was written by an atheist."  The video at this link is not from the Noah movie, but  to get people to think.  It's Awesome!!!!!!