The Pickle Nazi

I worked retail for a big part of my life.  I was trained that "the customer is always right."  Apparently, that is not the case any more--at least not at Jimmy John's sandwich shops.  Remember the old Burger King slogan, "Have it your way!"  Well apparently Jimmy John's slogan is "Have it MY way!"  I know it sounds like I'm mad and ranting.  But I'm really not.  I'm blogging about this because I found my experience with Jimmy John's today so hilarious.

Jimmy John's slogan is actually "Freaky Fast."  I think they are just plain freaky.  Here is what happened.  I walked in and ordered a sandwich, a pickle and a drink.  Close to 10 bucks.

There was enough lettuce on my sandwich to feed a barn full of horses (apparently to disguise the pitiful amount of meat on the sandwich), so I asked for some salt and pepper.  Answer:  "We don't have salt or pepper."  Sounds freaky cheap to me.

But I let that go and sat down to eat.  I looked at my pickle (a whole, unsliced dill pickle) and thought it would be nice to cut off a few slices and put them on my sandwich.  So I went back up to the counter and asked for a plastic knife.  Answer:  "We don't have plastic knives."  The employee I asked had a metal knife sitting right next to him on the counter so I asked if he could slice my pickle.  Answer:  "No."  Here is where things got really freaky.

ME:  I'd be happy to slice my own pickle, but you can't give me a knife.  You have a knife right next to you.  Why can't you slice my pickle?

JJ employee:  I can slice it into quarters or halves, but I can't cut off small slices.

ME:  Why?

JJ employee:  It's our policy.

Are you kidding me?!?  Jimmy John's actually has a policy prohibiting their employees from slicing a pickle even if the customer asks them to!  I talked to the store manager and he confirmed that was Jimmy John's policy.  He gave me the number of the district manager who also confirmed Jimmy John's official corporate policy prohibits the slicing of pickles.  Apparently there is an exception for slicing it into quarters or halves.

Last night I went to Jimmy John's Facebook page to post a comment about my experience.  Incredibly, another customer who wanted his pickle sliced and was told no had already beat me to it (sliced pickle lovers of the world unite!).  At this point, I thought my opinion of Jimmy John's couldn't sink any lower, but their response to this other sliced pickle loving customer did the trick.  They actually belittled the guy and made fun of his name!  Here is the post.

Really, I am not obsessing about this.  Actually, I find the whole thing hilarious.  Sort of like I was able to personally experience the Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode.  And how many people (other than me and Ray Jones Jr.) can say that?  Thanks Jimmy John's.


We've been attending this church before it was "this" church.  We started attending while they were at their old church building.  Whitney and Brady were young and now they are both almost 30 years old!  (Aaah That's bad news for me!)  If you look to the right an entire wing is being built.  I have to admit at first I wasn't on board.  I thought because of the economy being in such stinkin' awful shape, it was a bad idea.  Now I've changed by mind.  I know the church "should" be the highlight of any town, and God doesn't care about the economy - only the shape of people. 


We live in the suburbs and this is the old part of our town. 

Scan 210

The notes from last Sunday.  Can you guess what the sermon was about?  


 I'm trying to teach the kids to be bold prayer warriors.  Every night I tell one of the boys to lead their nighttime prayers.

We've now had Boone and Pryor 7 months and they are speaking English.  I decided tonight maybe Boone could start. 

Me:  "Boone tonight you lead the prayer. "  I went ahead and left the room, but I listened out of sight.  

Boone:  "Good night everybody!  I don't care dumb butts."


This was after bath time tonight.  He has been asking me for suspenders for several days and one of the boys found some in the garage today.  Boone was thrilled. 





Don't Hate Me Because They're Beautiful

We decided to eat breakfast downtown at our favorite breakfast place.  We figured we were in the safest place in the US, because this was going on in Indy.


While we were sitting there, I heard someone at the table beside us say something about China's one-child policy.  Hmmm... coincidence?  That's my life.  I think I'm normal, but I guess I'm not. 




Later in the day we ate out again.  Yeah, I'm lazy.  I do have a cold though.  The waitress who I've known for a long time came up and asked if we were getting "any more."  She said, "We want you to get another one."  Hmmm...  OK why not.

Actually, I don't think she speaks for everyone at her restaurant.  The waitresses there treat us great--except one.  We avoid her like the plague.  We don't take it personal though.  She hates everyone's kids.  OK, maybe she hates our's a little more--but only because there are more of them.




Boone really likes his food!  He likes to eat fast and then ask me for mine.


Stafan tells me he is the strongest kid in his class.





They made me catch the cold I caught.
They made me lose my train of thought.
 They swipe your stripes.
They clog your pipes.
 They dig up your garden.
 They won't beg your pardon.
 They eat your snacks.
 They won't relax!
They chip your tooth!
 They steal your youth!
 And now you know the horrible truth! 

Winnie The Pooh

The truth is I wish I were getting younger instead of older so I could keep on adopting and get some more just like the little guy to my right (your left).


"Sending positive thoughts your way." No thank you. It may sound nice and sweet, but hate to break it to you, just like the Easter bunny can't deliver baskets or Santa really can't come down your chimney, neither can your thoughts travel across the air waves.  If I'm having problems and asking people to pray, please, please pray to the one and only true living God, the creator... the man upstairs.  No offense-- but neither you or your thoughts are really that powerful.  And if that offends, all I can say is better you than God.  


Psalm 3:8 Victory comes from you, O Lord.  May you bless your people.


How often are we this pathetic?  : - )  But when real problems bring you to your knees, that is exactly where you need to be.


Prayer comes when you realize you cannot do it on your own and then you can reach out to Jesus Christ. 


A study of brain waves has revealed that too much concentration might be a bad thing when it comes to reaching that “eureka!” moment.


This kid does my heart good. 



The last couple of years my sister Becki has thrown a "little" Easter party for all the cousins.  Actually, Eliot did invite his two best buddies.  Bret didn't go because two of her best friends were having birthday parties, and you don't miss your best friends' parties.  Do you?! : - )  Becki gets 3 hotel rooms.  The girls have their room, the boys have theirs, and Mike shares with the younger kids.  Becki and I "have" to go home and get our rest.  : - )  Honestly, Mike enjoys every minute hanging out with the kids and doesn't mind it at all.  He did take some of his work with him.  Don't ask me how he got anything done.


She made everything homemade!  Frankly, I think she's nuts. : - )  It would have been McDonalds if it had been up to me.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy doing some of this too, but not this close to Easter.










Last Easter Boone and Pryor were in China.  They didn't know Jesus,  have enough food to eat, both of their teeth were rotting out, they didn't have a family and they certainly were not partying.  : - )