Does she look familiar?


It's Cokie and yes she is painted on the wall at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The advertising agency was looking for an Asian and well, she is Asian.


Anyway, Mike took Stafan, Remi and my niece Lain to see the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin who I'm told is a big deal (I wouldn't really know). Mike wasn't too happy though, because Mike gave Remi a ticket (she said she wanted to go), but then... lets just say she was not into the game.


Special dinner!


We got to have dinner this weekend with two families that we traveled to China with in the summer of 2010. Annette (next woman to the right of me) was talking about how amazing all the kids are, and she is so right. I know we are all grateful to God we have them. Teri (next to Annette) said down the road we might have to do some prearranged marriages. She's kidding, but you never know. : - ))))


We of course adopted Remi and Shepard on the left. Mike and Teri adopted Reagan in the middle and Ed and Annette adopted Mia on the right.


The kids all really enjoyed the night and loved seeing the other kids. My Mike asked Mia if she remembered him, and she said not really. Then he asked, "don't you remember me acting goofy in the hotel pool?" She answered, "Oh yeah! I almost drowned in that pool!" I don't remember that, but I do remember how mad Shepard got when he was dunked. It was one of our first glimpses of what a temper he has. Shepard loved it when he was dunking the other kids, but when he got dunked... look out!








Arden and Mia spoke to each other in Mandarin during dinner. Arden speaks Cantonese too. And she is getting pretty good at Spanish.


Notice here Annette is up helping Mia, and Teri is down at the end passing out coloring books. I was like, "Bret please go down and tell the waitress which kids are our's." I never knock myself out. : - )





We had to have our nightcap. Annette had to get up at 4:00 am to drive her daughter to the airport. Her daughter was leaving for Japan! Lucky!


I probably shouldn't post the videos below--but oh well! I was so flustered. They are of us on our way to get the kids. Mia came from another province, she, Ed and Annette weren't on the bus.

Picture 266

Mia arrives in Guangzhou! She's a doll!

Picture 264

Picture 271

Picture 272

Picture 268

Picture 265

Picture 257

Picture 032

I'll never forget this night. I think it was the last night before heading home. The kids were starting to get a little less scared. I had been bragging about how good mine were. Well, for some reason Mike told Shepard he couldn't get a Frappucino. The problem was all the other kids got one! Shepard only gets mad when he thinks he is being treated unfair. He pitched one big ugly fit. I of course took his side. Hello, Mike all the other kids have one and he doesn't speak English. Mike was like.... after that fit you want me to buy him one?!! OK, fine give me the money and I'll buy it! As you can see, Shepard got his frappucino.

Picture 033

Picture 037

Picture 274

Picture 165

Picture 010

Picture 111

Picture 114

Picture 120

Picture 188

Picture 189


I had to post this picture to show my blood shot eyes. This trip really does a number on you.


At the airport before we left.
bret burned

By anyone's standards Bret had a frightening start in life. As a baby, she was abandoned on the streets of Baiyun District in Guangzhou, China. Most likely another victim of the one child per family policy and China's traditional value of boys. Then I believe she was accidentally burned in the orphanage. There is no doubt that Bret had to struggle to survive.


But Bret is an exceptional girl. She is quiet, but not shy. She is confident, smart and happy. She takes her surgeries in stride. She has another one coming up soon.


Last week, she was inducted into Junior National Honor Society.

bret report card 0312


It’s my prayer that she will listen, trust, obey and let God continue to work in her life.


Proud Daddy


Proud sisters and brothers too.



Bret and Erin

Bret sleeping

Bret at the Atlantic

Bret Bai Ling Yun Allen


Bret and Lyric