Our town

Wikipedia (which I hear is not always accurate) says this about Plainfield:

The school's mascot, the Quaker, is a tribute to Plainfield's Quaker founders.  Many of the churches in the Plainfield area are Quaker churches, including the oldest Quaker church in Plainfield, the Friendswood Church. The schools system recently opened the new $103 million high school, completing the system wide school shuffle.  The school was the last school in the state to have built a new school without voting with the town, causing a tax increase in the area. In March 2008 PHS hosted then-democratic candidate for president Barack Obama as he spoke during his run for presidency.

The part about Obama visting Plainfield High School is true.  I remember it well.  



Whitney did not vote for him.  She wore this because she had a press pass (look at the very bottom of the tag).  Whitney was one of two people in Indiana chosen by MTV to cover the 2008 presidential campaign in our state.  She flew to New York for training with all the other young people covering the campaign (two from each state).  It was a cool opportunity.  But I wasn't thrilled about her working for MTV, and I certainly wasn't thrilled about seeing her wearing Obama's slogan. 

IMG_3478Well, desperate times call for desperate actions.  I hate bumper stickers.  Never had one in my life.  But, sweet Lael knew I wanted this one and ordered it for me.  I stuck on my car my very first bumper sticker.  That is how much I admire this man and would love to see him elected president. 

IMG_3481It only took about two days before this happened.  Someone keyed my car!

So, who would have been so mad about this guy that they committed a crime?  A democrat?  I really doubt it.  My guess is an idiot, uneducated, Obama hater who literally doesn't have enough brains to look past the color of Dr. Carson's skin, because skin color is probably the only thing Obama and Ben Carson share in common.  Nevertheless, I'll probably be getting a lot more key scratches, so meanwhile I will be parking where I see security cameras!

Yesterday was the last day of school.  And I'm glad.  No lunches to fix.  No homework.  No hurrying to get showers before bedtime.  Actually, no bedtime.


Oops.  I should have paid more attention to the hair.


Boone:  "School is out, and I have my own schedule."

Me:  "What is it?

Boone:  "I'm not telling."  


Boone:  "I miss my teacher already."

Pryor was so happy.  He made honor roll.  He has been in the U.S. less than 2 years.  That is not very long to learn English and catch up to speed.  


No, Stafan is not sick.  He has an eye infection and I had just put drops in. 



Shepard has his book bag and then that other thing he likes to carry. 





Arden got up and curled Bret's hair for her. 


The middle school touches our property.  I knew the kids had field day, and I heard them out playing so I took a picture.  My loves are growing up so, so fast.  They had just left grade school and now one year of middle school is over and done with. 


I could only see the end of the back of their school.






These are actually before church.

Boone:  "All girls are better than boys.  Except for me!"



Here the kids are having a big debate over Math--it was all over my head.  They came to their Dad to settle it.  They are all very good in Math, but Lyric is super girl in all subjects, and like Boone she'll let her siblings know it if push comes to shove. 





Arden got a new hairstyle, but she says she is letting it grow out.










How many days after the resurrection before the ascension of Christ?

To whom also he showed himself alive after his passion by many infallible proofs, being seen of them forty days, and speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God:

Acts 1:3