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Cokie and Some Guy Named Lebron

Bankers Life Fieldhouse.DSCN6255
I'm going to tell you all about the Pacers and their game last night, even though I know nothing about sports--so bear with me. Everything I'm about to tell you is just what I remember Mike talking about during the game (I was trying to pretend I care). : - )  OK, the Pacers are in the playoffs and people here in Indy are actually starting to like them again.  But it's not because we are fair weather fans.  It's because ever since Reggie Miller retired, we've had some really disturbing wackos playing for the Pacers.  We had some guy who changed his name to Something World Peace but still acts like a thug.  I mean who is going to pay good money to go see him?  So anyway, the Pacers are fun again and they are in the playoffs with a team everyone (except people in Miami) hate.  They have some guy named Lebron and two other guys who are really good--but one of the other guys is hurt.  Unfortunately, Lebron and the other guy who is really good but not hurt pretty much kicked the Pacers butts last night.  Oh yeah, one more thing--apparently the NBA is really into equal opportunity--because Mike kept talking about how the refs are all blind.
The game was exciting and fun. People were screaming, clapping and all eyes were on the players (except for the refs, because they are blind).  But all I could think about was, "what would happen if people got this excited about Jesus?" I think I know. If Americans would get this excited about Jesus, I think all of this country's problems and issues would literally disappear... sighDSCN6256
The ESPN camera man was right by our seats.
Honestly, since I'm so into the sports (not) I watched him half the game. They also had this wicked camera that moved all over in the air by itself... it was on some kind of string of course, but I thought it was kind of creepy.  It made me think of the government flying drones with hidden cameras over my house to spy on me.  Hey, basketball games are long--and when you're not into it, you have a lot of time to think--sort of like mowing the lawn.
Mike took this picture, so when I was just now looking at my pictures I knew he must be an important player--probably that Lebron guy.  LOL
We only had 3 tickets and it is a long story how Cokie ended up getting to go. Long story short, the older kids had exams this week. Cokie had a blast and now that Shepard saw the pictures he is begging to go next time. Lyric says she doesn't want to ever go unless Cokie, Stafan and Shepard can be with her or she'll be bored. Ha--and the experts would tell you to never adopt four the same age. Let me tell you my four 3rd graders (soon to be 4th graders) love hanging out together and all being the same age.
Poor Mike... I'm not a fun date when it comes to sports. With me it is mainly about the food and what the kids and me are wearing. He told me early on he wasn't leaving early and if I wanted to, I could walk over to the mall. The mall closed early on Sunday and I bet he knew it.
Cokie liked the food and what she was wearing.  She surprised me, because she got really into the game!
We actually stopped by the Fieldhouse the other day and took this picture of Cokie on the wall. If you happen to be there, her picture is above the drinking fountain right before you walk into the gymnasium.


Cokie and Stafan had their school play last week. My nieces, Gabrielle and Darby, were in it too. Like usual, my nieces' costumes blew my kids' costumes away, but that's OK, because they blew away everyone else's too!
It was Seussical. My kids were monkeys, and my nieces were some kind of birds.




Mothers Day

My Happy Happy Mother's Day



Don't pay any attention to what's on the card or whose in the picture. Half my kids were at my sister's and some of hers were at my house. I got to have lunch with Whitney and Brian and Brady called from Germany.
Grace and Whit
This was my Mom. She has been gone over 10 years now.

Arden's Belated Birthday Blog

No, the menu isn't photoshopped. Mike had McCormick & Schmick's make her a special birthday menu.DSCN4784

Hitting the mall and Godiva!
Mike worked while Arden and I went shopping for her present.
Li Mei and Arden 2006
Do you remember Arden's best friend, Li Mei from China? Arden was 11 when she left China, and Li Mei was 17 then.  They were really the only "family" each other had.  Li Mei was Arden's protector and was really good to Arden. This was the last time they were together and you can see how upset Li Mei was. I think Arden was like "I"m out of here." Li Mei sent Arden this birthday email wish below. English is Li Mei's 2nd language and she is doing great!!
Dear Arden,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you Arden,Happy Birthday To You,may you have a wonderful birthday!If I can,i very want to give you big big hug"really!I love you very much!
Update on Arden and Li Mei. I took this picture of Arden tonight. On the way home I was asking Arden about the beautiful, sweet and cute letters she wrote to us before we were about to adopt her in China. I asked her if she remembered the letters. She said "I don't know. Li Mei wrote half of them. Do you really think a kid could have been that deep?" I was pretty shocked. How sweet was that of Li Mei though? She knew she would never get adopted, but yet she did this for Arden in the hope that Arden would get out of the orphanage.

Le Peep, Michelle Malkin and The Chocolate Cafe

Today was a good day. I got to enjoy three of my favorite things. We started the morning by taking the four younger kids to Le Peep. Le Peep is my favorite place to have breakfast in Indianapolis--and maybe any where for that matter. We then messed around for about an hour at the mall (OK, I've enjoyed four of my favorite things today). After that, we headed to a Tea Party rally in support of Richard Mourdock, who is running in the Republican primary against incumbent Richard Lugar for U.S. Senate. But, I'll admit, the real reason I wanted to go was to see and hear Michelle Malkin. I got the added bonus of seeing and hearing Deneen Borelli . In fact, while Michelle's speech was great, I think Deneen gave the best and most inspirational speech I've heard at today's rally or any event I've attended for that matter. She blew me away. Enough for now about politics. If you want to hear my thoughts about Mourdock vs. Lugar (I'm voting for Mourdock), you can read about it after the pictures. Oh yeah, what was the third favorite thing we did? After the Mourdock rally, we took the kids to the Chocolate Cafe on the Circle to have some ice cream. For some reason, Shepard went into a funk and didn't want any. Who knows, maybe he's a Lugar supporter.


The kids with Michelle Malkin!! She could not have been any sweeter to the kids. She is a political hero to all conservatives or at least if you're paying attention! It is hard to believe that something so big, bold and intelligent can come out of something that small.

This woman can give a speech!!!DSCN5862
She was nice too.
Her husband is standing directly behind her.
After that speech I can't wait to read her book.
Look at Stafan. He is such a good boy. Then look at Shepard. : - )
Stafan traded me the apples for my two eggs.
Shepard is mad in the background. He didn't want any ice cream, because he said they didn't have any he liked. I just ignored him. Later this evening he went and got him some out of the refrigerator. LOL I think he realized he messed up...kind of like the country did in 2008.

OK...here is why I'm voting for Mourdock. First, I like Mourdock. He shares my values. Second, he has a long and distinguished career as a geologist (not a lawyer : - ))) and executive in the energy industry. I think it is safe to say we need some people in Washington who know something about energy. And his business experience (again, he is not a career politician) and record as Treasurer for the State of Indiana shows he knows how to be fiscally responsible. Something else we desperately need in D.C. I think Mourdock will serve Hoosiers well. But as everyone who has followed this race knows, it is more about Lugar than Mourdock. Lugar was first elected to the Senate in 1976. Since then, he has been pretty much untouchable in primaries and general elections. A lot of people say he has simply been in D.C. too long, and it is time for him to retire. Another group says he has become too much of an appeaser of the liberals and specifically Obama. I'm not sure how I feel about the first group's argument (I value wisdom and experience), but I agree with the second group. Lugar has been too supportive of Obama and some of his policies (particularly foreign policy), and I believe said some things things that were very harmful to McCain during the last presidential campaign. In fact, Lugar's behavior in 2008 just before the election was shocking. McCain was fighting for his life, and Lugar practically endorsed Obama. But don't take my word for it, click here for an excellent article explaining how Lugar earned the nickname of "Obama's favorite Republican." I don't know why Lugar did what he did to McCain, and I don't care. I will not vote in favor of giving him a chance to do the same thing to Romney. I'm voting for Mourdock.