Stafan was nominated for Homecoming Prince for the Freshman class.



Of course, we wanted Stafan (pronounced stay-fun) to win.  Really bad.  I tried to not even think about it.  And I couldn't let Stafan know how bad I wanted him to win, because I didn't want him to make it all about winning.  In fact, we had a little talk with him right before we left for the homecoming parade before the game.  I told him this was not the most important thing in life.  What is the most important thing in life is honoring God, eternity and his reputation.   Mike told Stafan that if he made it all about winning, the night would end up being a bad memory if he lost.  If instead he decided to be honored by just being nominated, the night would be a great memory no matter the outcome.


You have to know Stafan to get this next part.  He's quiet and has a deep, soft voice.  He's not a showoff at all and always tries to do the right thing.  I think the last time he was bad was probably in kindergarten, and I'm not kidding! It was the time he went toe to toe with his teacher.  He refused to put on his gloves.  He hadn't even learned English yet! We had only had him about a couple months.  The teacher met me outside with him standing right  beside her.  She told me he refused to put on his gloves.  I took the gloves and handed them to him.   He looked straight at me and let them drop to the ground.  I know my eyes got big, because it was a little shocking.  LOL  Up till then, he had been great.  I grabbed Stafan and said "we will take care of this at home!"  The teacher smiled.  I honestly think that was the last time Stafan ever "showed himself." 

Stafan loves, loves sports.  But he is also very, very serious about academics.  He hates to make As, because he is going for the A+'s.  And Stafan loves Jesus.  The last few years he has taken it upon himself to take his Bible to school every day and pray at the lunch table.   Even his principal in middle school told me she watched him do this in the lunch room.


If you've read my blog, you probably know Stafan has three other siblings in the same grade (I call them "the Quads").  They have told us before how much everyone in their class loves Stafan.  But still, I was really surprised when he came home and announced to me, "I want to be 9th grade prince."  This was before he was even nominated.  Like Lael says though, "Who doesn't want to be homecoming prince or princess?"  Well, actually Lyric.  LOL  She said if she was nominated she would refuse the nomination.  And I believe her.  Not Stafan.  Even being the humble, nice boy he is, he decided (like everyone else in the freshman class except Lyric) that it would be nice to be nominated to the homecoming court of prince and princess candidates. 

Me:  "I'll campaign for you Stafan."  

Stafan (being totally sincere and even humble):  "I don't think I need your help."

Hmmmmm... Wow!  


Our friend, one of Plainfield's finest, led the homecoming parade.




Lyric decided she wanted to work on the 9th grade float.  She really enjoyed it and told me she had become the "unofficial leader."  I guess she wasn't exaggerating, because there she was leading the charge in the parade when the freshman float appeared.  Lyric's not pushy either, but boy does she know what she likes or doesn't like!















Last year right before school was out a teacher came up to Mike to tell him a story about Stafan.  She said he and a few other boys were talking a little too loud in class.  She told them to quiet down.  After class, Stafan went up to her and apologized.  He told her it would not happen again.  The teacher was blown away.  That's Stafan, and I feel blessed God picked him out for us!!  He sets an awesome example for his three younger brothers. 






Well, he won!  : - )))))))  Thank you Lord!   







Congratulations Stafan!  We all love you!