This winter has possibly been the coldest winter I've ever lived through.   The freezing temperatures lasted longer than I can ever remember, and went lower than I can remember.  Global warming huh?  I don't remember ever having to scrape ice off the insides of our windows, and I had to do it several times this winter.   Now that spring has finally sprung the kids are as happy as anyone.


The biggest and most important concern for the kids is, "Can we wear shorts?!"  I guess I could use it as a reward or punishment.  Like you didn't do your homework so you can't wear shorts!  No, that would be cruel and very unusual.  : - )


Pryor came from Guangzhou (think Florida) and didn't get here until last September so he probably did wonder if he would ever see warm temperatures again.


Oops, who didn't help Boone get dressed today?




Stafan did run up and get Boone different socks for school.  I can hear the talk now...  she can't handle all those kids.  : - )