Mike and I went out to dinner New Year's Eve alone,  almost...

We took Boone.  He loves to go out to dinner with us though, and he is so appreciative.

New Years Day we took the kids that wanted to go out to dinner.  In the evening we watched Duck Dynasty and made our New Year's resolutions.  

While Boone seems to really appreciate all things big and small, Pryor on the other hand, is in the dog house.  We're not sure, but we think maybe he got confused and started thinking if he complained about what he got for Christmas, he could get something better.  Cokie's birthday is right after Christmas.  She  "traded up"and gave up one of her Christmas presents for a better birthday present. The next thing we hear is that Pryor decided he did not like his $200 Lego set  he got for Christmas and told Shepard he could have it. Right after that he started to throw a fit complaining that the girls' TV is better than the boys' TV, and it isn't fair.  Not fair?  Ha! We won't talk about how we showed him what was fair and what was not, but he has been keeping his mouth closed the last few days.  He found out those Legos are not going to be replaced and that we don't care what he thinks is fair.  

With that being said, one thing that bothers me is when people tell me how thankful our kids should be for what they have.  Not because they shouldn't be thankful, because they should be.  But some people think that an adopted kid should be more thankful that an unadopted kid.  Why? I think we should all be thankful for what we have, period.