Way to go Cokie!

I'm so lucky to have these guys I could cry...   and sometimes I do. 
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Back in September when Mike and I were in China adopting Pryor and Boone, Cokie's teacher emailed me this.  I knew they were good kids, but her sweet email did surprise me a little.  Wow, thank you Jesus.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen,
I want to let you both know what a pleasure it is to have Cokie in my regular classroom and Stafan for math. They are two of the most polite and hardworking kids I have ever met in my life. They both constantly have their hands up, show kindness to everyone and are always in a good mood. You two should be very proud of them… they are fabulous! Cokie told me that you are both in China right now and when you get home, she will have two new brothers. That is wonderful for your family. I hope you have a safe trip.

Fifth Grade Teacher
VB Elementary School

Since Pryor is still learning English and has a ways to go, he isn't getting much homework. When all the other kids are doing homework and he starts to run off to grab a DSI or an IPOD thingy (I don't know one from the other) I tell him to go get his Chinese Bible and read.  Boone can read Chinese too, and I need to have him read more Chinese before he forgets it.
Stafan and Shepard are both really good in math, but since they learned English after they started school, I need to crack down on their reading time.