Not Too Old for Two Twos

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7-7

Way back when we adopted Lyric, I thought I was way too old to be adopting a child as young as her.  When we first made the decision I couldn't sleep for 3 days--well not very well anyway. : - ))) But I am the kind of person who can get over things pretty quick, and it wasn't long before I was totally excited. I didn't care I was 46 and getting a little girl who would be turning two the day we adopted her.

Scan 24
You can only see Lyric's back in the pink. This was a couple days after we got her. We took her back to visit the orphanage. She was treated very good there and couldn't wait to grab her pretty nanny. Lyric should have been living with the older toddlers in the orphanage, but since was going to be adopted soon and the nanny wanted her to stay with her, they didn't move her up. Lyric's nanny was absolutely crazy about Lyric. In fact, I think all the nannies at the orphanage really liked Lyric, because we were told each of them took her home from time to time and she spent the night at their homes. But the nanny in the picture above was especially close to her. She cried really hard when Lyric left with us. When we visited that day the nanny ran out to our van and grabbed Lyric.  Lyric was asleep, but when she saw it was her nanny she lunged for her.  In the picture above Lyric was passing out crackers to the babies. She grabbed them out of the nanny's hands and took charge. It was obvious she was used to doing it.
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It is funny what God can and will do with you if you let Him. One year later I returned and got another two-year old, Cokie, who was in the same orphange Lyric was from (Nanjing). Two two-year olds in two years. See... I can get over things quick!  Cokie is in the blue in this picture. I think this was taken at the Beijing airport as we were getting ready for the long flight home.  We had a really cute guide who is standing between Lael and me. Bret, who is the picture below, also came. We had a wonderful trip.
Scan 20
This was when we returned to get Cokie. We visited the orphanage again. This was Lyric's nanny and  she put Lyric in this crib. 
Scan 17
This was the orphanage director.

Scan 16
The reason you don't see any pictures of Cokie on our visit to the orphanage is because it was obvious Cokie became upset when we arrived there and did not want to go inside. Unlike Lyric, I don't think anyone paid much attention to Cokie, and she wanted no part of being there. She probably thought we were taking her back to stay, so Mike took her back to the van and stayed with her while the rest of us stayed for our visit.

Scan 27
As funny and crazy as Lyric is you can read what the teacher wrote about her behavior in class! Lyric is in an advanced reading and an advanced Math class. So many of my friends home school.  I would be such a failure at it and my kids know it.  Remi has even said she NEVER wanted me to do it.  She says that because if she asks for help with something, I always say, "Go ask your Dad." 
Scan 26
I did not do this! Lyric emailed me this yesterday.  She really likes herself and always has.  That's OK with me. LOL

Cokie is a really good student too. She is quiet, but not shy.  Cokie's teacher this year told me that when Cokie speaks, the class listens. They are both wonderful girls.