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Arden and Mom


We got Arden when she was 11 y.o.  She wasn't sure about being adopted at first, but she was smart, and I think was getting some good advice. She realized it was not only best for her future, but most likely, her only future. 


These kids were in the public school and were Arden's classmates.

Serious talk


The first few months were hard on Arden because she couldn't stand American food.  She got excited when she saw bok choy at the supermarket, but the joy faded fast when she realized I had not a  clue how to fix it - I cut off and cooked the wrong end. 

Arden and Whit
Bret and Arden



When we were in China adopting Pryor and Boone last September we got to see once again the school Arden attended. Stafan went there too, but was only in kindergarten when he left. Bret was 4 1/2 when we got her so she never attended it.  Remi, Shepard and Pryor all are from Guangzhou, but where in foster care and went to other schools.   Even though Remi and Shepard were in foster homes, I think they were even more unhappy than Arden was about being an orphan.  Pryor did have a decent foster family from what I can tell.  He liked them and he was fed much better than than my other kids.
Arden's school until 5th grade.




Look at the little boy yawning.  I bet there is a lot of that going on with the long days the Chinese goverment forces their kids to put in.




This is lunch time at the school. The parents were coming to pick their child up, on bikes of course! Even though more Chinese own cars now, it is still a big deal to have one and most don't.

Think about being an orphan though and NEVER having a parent pick you up. Arden said sometimes the teacher would be mad at the class and they would "all" (isn't that the Chinese way?) have to stay after school until after dark. Arden had to walk home alone. The orphanage was up a hill and had a dirt like road. She said it was scary, because the dogs would bark. I can tell you too that those dogs look hungry!

Some of my kids don't mind talking about their past life in China, but Arden isn't one of them.  She has a good friend still in China.  She has learned English and we are good friends.  She told me more stories than Arden.  Arden did tell me sometimes when the teacher kept them after school they missed dinner all together.  Orphans don't have their own kitchen.  : - (((  She also told me sometimes there was only bread and it was moldy so she skipped it anyway.