Happy Birthdays

Remi and Cokie both had birthdays recently.  We found a very authentic Chinese restaurant, not buffet, not take-out-- but a real restaurant.  Let's just say half the menu we won't even eat, because it is so authentic!  What we did order though was great and it was a lot of fun!  This is the owner in the picture, and yes that is a tear in her eye.  Remi is from Guangzhou and so is this lady.  She had lots of questions for Remi about being an orphan.  In a little bit the lady came out with this gift package and told the girls it was for their birthday.  The lady also wanted us to know that she has been a Christian since she was 16 y.o.  I asked her if her family still in China attended church.  I know China is not really free to worship.  She said yes, but then said "house" church. 







Darby also has a birthday coming up and her Mom made these cupcakes.