Bai Ling Yun

Ain't no thing like a Bret Bai Ling.

Scan 27
Bret was student of the month twice at the middle school.  Whitney and Lael were in high school.  Arden is just as smart, but too much like me.  She comes across as indifferent.  : - ))))
Scan 29 


 This was one of Bret's referral pictures.  There was an accident in the orphanage, and she was burned.

bret in hospital

Right after we got Bret, she had a small  surgery.  Later I regretted she had a surgery so soon after we got her.   She didn't speak English yet and they didn't put her to sleep well enough before they took her away (even though I had asked them to make sure she was sound asleep before wheeling her away).  To this day, I can still hear her screaming for me as they took her away.  She ended up having nightmares of another abandonment.  

Bret and Lyric
 Miss Guangzhou and The Lyric Ya Ni.

Bret Bai Ling 10 b-day