The other day my friend Teri sent me this picture she had taken while we were in China last Sept. 

This was the morning we were headed back home.  We were ready to come home, but we had a great trip.

This picture was taken at the orphanage.  They are very particular about what area you are allowed to go into.  

I was in this room when Teri came in to show me a big surprise!

Some of my kids who lived in this orphanage before we adopted them had their pictures on the wall.

This was taken at the local Walmart (yes, Walmart is in China).  We stopped at Walmart on the way to the orphanage to buy toys and other gifts for the kids.

Boone has gained over 5 pounds since we got him.

We all ate good in China too.

Staying in nice hotels in China is fun. : - )
I think Teri was asking this lady to tell Lincoln to eat.
Yeah, I think Boone looks healthier now, even if he does have to share a room with his brothers. : - )) Yes, that is me mocking the people that ask questions like "Do the kids share rooms?" I think I will start answering, "no, we have a 12 bedroom house."  Sorry, I get stupid questions a lot.

This little girl was adopted several years before.  She was back in China with her family adopting the little boy beside her.  Mike spent a lot of time talking with her Dad while the kids were all swimming.  They were a very nice family.

I'll never forget one of our last meals there.  No matter how good the trip is I think everybody is ready to get back home and nerves can get a little frazzled.  

Some how I managed to tick Mike off (OK sometimes... say your in China you just don't have anything better to do).  I'm sure it is one of those things where you had to be there, but it is still funny to me.  I had told Mike where to sit in a very bossy way.  That made him grouchy, and it just made me laugh.  I tend to tease.  Then, Teri's Mike got grouchy and Teri said, "Now you're acting like him."  I couldn't stop laughing and asked Teri's Mike to tell us where he wanted to sit.  Teri and I thought it was funny, but I don't think "the Mikes" ever the saw the humor in it.  : - )

Yeah, it is true.  Teri and I can be high maintenance.