One of our Christmas traditions is...

going to a Christmas play.  This year it was Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
The last two years, Remi has taken her best friend from China, Abigail! In China Remi and Abigail lived right next door from one another in foster homes. Their foster moms were best friends. To be honest Remi says, "My foster Mom was mean and Abigail's was meaner." Abigail still has the scars on her cheeks to prove it!. Remi and Abigail are both sweet, sweet girls and little blessings to have in our lives.
Ha! Look at Boone. You could say he is my little Christmas present, and I can't imagine getting a better one!! His appetite has really picked up as he has learned to like American food. He told us in China they had to fight to get food and the bigger people got more. So, when people ask me questions like, "is our house big enough?" I'm honestly thinking they are not very... OK I'll be nice. When kids have scars on their cheeks from being pinched and little kids go without food because they can't win a fight against the bigger kids, I'm pretty sure sharing a room doesn't bother them. Actually, in China they shared a room with dozens of kids, so even as crowded as our house is, it is better than sharing a room full of rows and rows of beds.
I don't know what costume this play came out of, but I bet it was intense, and I would like to see it.
OMGoodness!! We stopped and got Boone shoe laces on the way there. This is what "someone" came out of Walgreens with. I did fix them as soon as we got home.