Whole lot of dental work.

I'm not sure exactly how many cavities the boys had. They go to a pediatric dentist and he said Pryor had about 10.  He looked in Boone's mouth and said, "He is loaded up too." Pryor literally had a black nub for one of his teeth. Remi explained to them what was going to happen and I think they were both happy about it. Pryor said it hurt when he brushed and he wouldn't eat cold foods like ice cream.

That is how he got this fat lip!  The worse tooth had really long roots.  At one time he had to be in excruciating pain.
They were checked into the hospital and put to sleep. The tube they put down their throats caused this-ouch!!!! Pryor also REALLY vomited from the anesthesia when he woke up.   You can see the hole in the upper right where the tooth was pulled and you can see one of his crowns.  DSCN6925

Boone's day went a lot smoother. No fat lip, no sore throat and he didn't vomit. As a matter of fact, he celebrated with Panda Express on the way home.  Pryor didn't want any.
They both have lots of crowns now. Four I can see on Boone, because the baby teeth are silver, but the permanent are in white and it sounded like he has about four of them too.