Remi Adria

I've been blogging about Pryor and Boone learning how to behave, or how not to behave, but Remi was just as bad when we first got her.

Picture 147

We adopted her in 2010 along with Shepard.  Teri and Mike were with us because they were adopting Reagan, on the right.   My friend, Cordelia is in the middle here.  I blogged below about having dinner with Cordelia last month in China. 


We've had Remi a little over 3 years and I think you can tell by this how she is doing. 


Remi with her cousin, Lacy.  


The pictures above and below were taken the other day when we had dinner with my friend Teri and her family.  The one above is Bret and Teri's girls Reagan and Annie.  


Below are some pictures from our 2010 trip to China to get Remi and Shepard
 Picture 042



Picture 017
You want some, don't you?