Stafan Flick


Stafan (and yes, his middle name is Flick) got a Team Award at school this week. His teacher was out the day of the awards program, so Mr. Principal gave Stafan his. Stafan's teacher has had Stafan's older siblings Brady, Lael, Arden and Remi in her class.  She also has taught some of Stafan's cousins.  I was so happy Stafan got her this year, because she is strict, but very caring and fair.


This is when the kids were starting to come into the gym for the awards presentation.  Shepard is in the front (with the teacher's hand on his back) and his cousin Gabrielle is toward the back of the line wearing the pink pants. Gabrielle has never not had one of her cousins in her class and Shepard has always had a sibling or cousin in his class.


I don't know what was going on with Gabrielle and Boone, but check out the looks and grins they are giving each other.


My niece Darby said she wanted her picture with Boone.



Stafan was a sweetheart from the first day we got him.  And he still is. He is easy, easy, easy. From day one he was all smiles.  For several months after we got him, no matter what I did for him, from combing his hair to giving him a drink of water, he would say "Thank you Momma" all day long.


Another thing Stafan came doing was winking at me all the time

Dec 1 073

Stafan coming to the U.S.  At this point, he didn't know it, but he was about to become an American citizen (legally)--as soon as he steps off the plane and walks through the U.S. Immigration check point

Dec 1 072

Mike on the plane ride home from getting Stafan.  Mike is a hard working man, and I'm sure at this point glad it was all done-except for supporting and raising another son of course. LOL

Dec 1 145

We were still in China here adopting Stafan. This is Cordelia and her Tong Tong that I have been blogging about.

Stafan is more serious now and a very modest boy. I like to tell him I only got him because he was so dang good looking. I tell him I didn't even want to adopt, but when a friend sent me his picture, I took one look at his picture and just had to go get him--actually that is the truth. : - )  When I tell him that story,  he just sheepishly grins, turns red and looks away.


Stafan with his older brother Brady.  Why Flick for a middle name?  It is my maiden name.  When I suggested it to Mike, he thought it sounded like a really cool middle name, so that was it.


Like Stafan, the first time I ever saw a picture of Brady (the picture above), my thought was, WOW!!!  What a beautiful little boy!  That was 1988.
Brady and Rebecca Allen
And he has grown up to be a handsome young man.  This is Brady today with his wife.