Guess which one got in trouble at school today?

Well, you know it wasn't Stafan or Shepard. It has been a long, long time since they did-like when they first came to the U.S.


It was Boone! This morning I got a call from Mr. Principal about Boone. He wanted Arden or Remi to have a talk with him tonight. I'm not sure of the exact words, but he said he was being very bratty and he even stuck his tongue out at a teacher.


When I got the call I looked like this.  I decided no point in letting him terrorize the class and teacher all afternoon. Actually, his teacher wasn't there today, so maybe that made it worse.  So instead of waiting until "tonight," I went to Remi's school and picked her up and we went over to Boone's school.  They called him down to the office.  He was escorted by another little boy since Boone doesn't know English.  Just like the Duck Dynasty man likes to say, when Boone came walking down the hall to meet me he was "happy, happy, happy!" He wasn't after he saw me standing there.  I think he knew right away something was up.  Maybe it was my Barney Fife face.

Remi, Boone and I went into a private restroom by the office and had a "meeting."  Boone left the meeting with tears in his eyes.  And that's all I've got to say about that.
This is a messed up society we are living in, and it is getting worse every single day. If parents cannot control their kids how can the schools? 

These are two different awards our family has gotten. Am I bragging? No, they didn't really mean much to me, even though it was so thoughtful of the people who nominated us to receive them. One thing I was very proud of though, was a remark made by the speaker who presented us the second award, because she said, "I had good kids and I discipline them." My goal is not to raise little Lindsay Lohans or Miley Cyruses.  I would like to hope if any of my kids had the opportunity to serve us an example for literally millions of kids, they wouldn't end up in the Betty Ford Clinic or defiling a foam finger.