Shepard has been holding out!

I've made Shepard practice his Chinese since we got him 3 years ago.  Nothing deep, but about once a week I make Arden, Remi and him listen to cartoons in Mandarin and Cantonese.  I've never heard him speak it much after he learned English and he kept telling us he could not understand Chinese anymore.   He had almost convinced me of it too.   Then, the other day Arden heard him speak it twice to Pryor and then Lyric caught him.  Well, the cat is out of the bag now.   He is still retaining a lot more than he was letting on and making him practice has paid off. 


Now I'm making Pryor and Boone practice with them too.



Shepard's teacher just told me at his conference last week he is strong in Math like the others.  He loves, loves to build anything.  It doesn't matter what his Dad has to fix around the house Shepard is right there with him.  Now I've about got him convinced he can be an architect and the the Chinese language might come in handy some day.  



Shepard told me Friday morning he did not like having a boy the same size as him.  That evening when they got off the bus Shepard and Pryor were racing each other  as fast as they could to the house and laughing all the way.  It sure looked like Shepard was liking it. : - )