Their first bowl of cereal American style.   Pryor seemed to like it OK.  Boone not so much, but he did eat a little of it before he told Remi he would drink all the milk if he did not have to eat all the cereal. Pryor is doing really good. When he screws up he shakes his head yes to let me know he got it. When he gets in trouble he does not repeat the same mistake twice. That's a real good thing considering he bit Boone yesterday. Yes, the big one bit the little one and not the other way around. I was telling my friend today and she said, "Wait a minute. Which one bit which one???" LOL Yes, orphans do get a learning curve.

So many people are commenting to me about how much Remi has changed in just the 3 years we've had her. Yes, Remi has changed a lot. She did not have it good in China. Her foster parents did not treat her well. Not only that, they didn't have running water in their house. That's about all I can say about that.
Pryor has been going to Sunday School with Stafan and Shepard, but since Boone wouldn't have anyone his age to go with and he doesn't know English we've been making him stay with us. Mike and I always drop the kids off for Sunday School and then (don't tell) he and I go to Panera.  That has been our routine for years!!!  It started when Lyric and Cokie were little, and I was going a little crazy. Turns out having two 2 year-olds and going through "the change" can be kind of rough. I needed it back then, and we just kept doing it. : - )  It is nice.  Some weeks, it seems like the only hour of the week that Mike and I actually get to relax and talk to each other.
DSCN6742 My sweet, sweet (she really is the kindest person you'll ever meet) girlfriend Dinie has been meeting us there and going to church with us. We've been friends for over 30 years. I think as you grow older friendships really mean something special.
If you haven't noticed by now I think Boone is the cutest thing ever. I knew from the pictures we got before going to get him that he would be cute, but I wasn't expecting him to be so funny and darling. The first moment I laid eyes on him when Mike brought him off the airplane I liked him, but today we had our first real bonding moment. He and I were sitting on my bed going over ABCs. He kept laying his head on my chest. He melted my heart. People like to tell me how lucky my kids are. Why don't they think their biological kids are lucky? Somehow they don't get it that all kids deserve and want parents.

So then, we went on to church and I ran into my (L to R) niece Erin, Arden and my niece Payton. They all 3 recently got their drivers licenses!!
Our church is already huge and about to get huge-er. Yes, I know that is not a word.
Just in case you wonder what we believe, here is the outline from  today's sermon.
After church I took a picture of Dinie and Lyric. Dinie traveled to China with Mike and me when we adopted Lyric. Lyric turned 2 y.o. the day after we got her.
We went out to lunch after church. Since I'm talking about the new ones a lot, I'll mention that Cokie seems to be Boone's new favorite buddy, but then everyone gets along with Cokie.