The New Normal

Any time you adopt it takes a while to get to your new normal for them and you.  There is more laundry and extra work.  There are the kids getting used to one another.  There is them getting used to having parents and what the new parents expect from them.  They are learning about their new culture.   There are medical and dental appointments.  There is of course school.  And in addition to  all that there is the eating.  It usually takes them a while to adjust to American food.  I'm not the kind of Mom that worries about fixing my kids exactly what they want, but this week I have tried a little.

They both love ramen noodles-big surprise. First thing Boone wanted was chopsticks. He let me know by doing our version of sign language.
I got a note from Pryor's teacher that he has been throwing out his sandwiches at lunch. Arden and Remi did the exact same thing!  He and Pryor both liked my vegetable soup though and Boone told Remi ASAP he wanted it for breakfast too.  We had a fight that morning with me trying to get him to eat a toaster strudel. 
Yeah, he was happy here! It was because the food was simple and basically just vegtables.
I know it looks kind of gross, but they LOVED it, again, because it was simple--rice, chicken, onions and celery. Since Boone wanted my vegetable soup for breakfast I gave him this too for breakfast!

The homework. Arden and Remi are really good to help Pryor and Boone both with it.