China adoption agency furious


This "lady" was on the front of this Reuter's article.

Because of this, decent families (and most adopting families are decent people) have to go through even more red tape and cost, as if there wasn't enough already.  There will now be more "post placement" scrutiny of adopting families.  That means more social worker visits and more cost to pay for those visits.  But do we really have to?  After all, the adoption is final right?   Yes it is, but whether we have any legal obligation to follow through with the new "post placement" scrutiny, we will.  Why? Because if we don't, it will hurt our adoption agency and more importantly could hurt all orphans.  China expects it, and if parents adopting from China don't comply, the officials won't be happy about it.  If things got bad enough, China could even close it's doors to U.S. couples wanting to give orphans a home, because they can't count on people in the U.S. following their rules.  So we will comply.  One more thing, don't read stories like this published by our untrustworthy liberal media.  The story at the link above may well be true, but again the vast, vast majority of adoptive parents are very good people.   Stereotyping the adoption community as filled with child abusers and trafficers can hurt orphans too. 
As far as our post placements, there is some good news!!

We have a really cute, fun, sweet and experienced social worker who we always enjoy seeing!!!

Sorry my flash didn't go off, but trust me she is super cute! LOL
We had a very nice long visit with her. It all went great even with Pryor and Boone both spilling their drinks. Shepard was a little ticked that it went all over his homework. I told him not to worry about it and he mumbled he would probably have to stay in on recess. I think it dried out though. LOL