Leaving Wuhan, Hubei, but not before breakfast. 


Wuhan was a blast!






Arden we need some help here!


And in the train station more tempting snacks. 


Not feeling it.


And what are these? 


There is a special way of using this, and I did it!  LOL Plus, it's BYOTP.  Seriously, there is a special way to help your little kids use it too.  


Wuhan to Guangzhou on the high speed train took four hours, but by car:

11 h 2 min (988 km)

via G4W3乐广高速/S1 and G4京港澳高速/G4

10 h 9 min without traffic
This route has tolls.


OK, this baby is precious!



I was taking pictures on the train.  They are not real plain, because we were going 300 kilometers per hour (kph).  I think the fastest the train got was 309 kph, which would be 192 miles per hour.  So you see the guy working the field?












This is another one of Mike's new friends.  When we got off the high speed train in Guangzhou, we decided to take the subway back to our hotel.  It's an easy quick ten minute trip.  The line was really long to get the ticket.  The people knew what to do, and it moved fast!  That is until it got to us.  Mike kept putting in his 100 yuan bill, equivalent to $15.21.  The first bill didn't work so he tried another one, and another one, and another one.....  You get the point.  Meanwhile, the line behind us is getting impatient watching the dumb white American try to bill after bill after bill.  Well, this guy came to the rescue and he spoke some English.  He told Mike the ticket machine wouldn't take a bill that large.  Well, we had no smaller bills.  No problem.   This guy traded us five 20s for one of Mike's hundred yuan bills.  So, we said our thank yous, and I'm sure the people lined up behind us were thanking him too.  

So we hopped on our train, and lo and behold our new friend was right behind us.  It was funny because there were hundreds of people and lots of trains.  He was wanting to speak some more English.  So for the next ten minutes we gave him an English lesson.  Before we left he traded WeChat information with Mike.


Mike told him we had just come from Wuhan.  We told him how we visited Wuhan University, and we were told it is the most beautiful University in China.  He looked puzzled.  Then he proceeded to say, "No, no!  Guangzhou has the most beautiful University in China!"  Hmmm...  so they all think their university is the most beautiful in China?


This adorable baby was in the subway tunnel at our stop near the hotel.  There is another story behind this beautiful baby boy--or  actually his mother and father, the woman carrying him and the man behind them shaking his finger.  He was shaking it for a reason. 

We got off the subway train we had taken to our hotel.  An older woman could see we were looking around trying to see the best direction to exit.  We knew that one exit came out about a block from our hotel, but weren't sure which one it was.  That is when the older woman came up and started insisting we go "this way."  Arden was translating.  Well, we were like OK.  Out of nowhere came this lady with the baby and her husband.  Except they spoke good English.  They were like, "No you must go this way!"  Then came the argument between this couple and the older woman.  And argument might not be a strong enough word.  I mean it got heated!!!  We stood back to let them fight it out.  It didn't get physical, but defiantly both sides wanted to tell the foreigners which way to go.   We kept looking on making sure we didn't smile.  Finally, the older woman flung her hands in the hair and walked off mad as heck.  The baby's father was every bit as mad as the older woman and told us disgustingly, "I hate liars!"  So the older woman was a liar.  LOL  We followed the woman with the baby.  

I decided to strike up a conversation.  Oh your baby is so cute!  Blah... blah...  What's his name?  Well, I call him Lil Tater.  

Well, guess who was right about which way to go?  Actually, it was this couple with the baby.  We came out right by the hotel.  The older woman was a liar after all!!  Ha ha! I'm kidding.  I know she was doing her best, but I'm glad we followed Lil Tater and his parents.  


See ya later Lil Tater. 


We got back to the hotel and look what was waiting for us.  WE'RE NOT adopting!  Records mixed up from us staying there adopting before.  But we had to have some fun with Lael and Arden before we took the baby bed out of the room.  Check out Lael's face.  She failed to see any humor in it!