I can hardly believe she is 18 y.o.,  but Bret will always be my darling little girl.  She's the one that comes and gives me a hug every night.


Lael and Arden LOVE Bret.  They took her out and did this for her B-day.



We went out for breakfast on her birthday. 


Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.  Matthew 5:9  

And, this is why everyone LOVES Bret.  If more people were like Bret there wouldn't be all this meanness going on.


Bret doesn't like it when I'm mad at Mike.  She'll be the first one to take up for him or make excuses for him.  LOL


Bret's referral picture.  The orphanage let her get scalded when she was a toddler. 

Scan 356

Life is tough Bret, but so are you! 

bret with hat pic

Bret's had more than her share of surgeries because of the burns, but her beautiful face can truly light up a room.  No one has eyes or a smile like our Bret Bai Ling.


Like, Lael and Arden, Bret has played tennis all through middle and high school. 

Bret and Lyric on stairs

Bret and Lyric

Wei Xin's Moma and Bret

Bret and Eliot Hi

Bret to school

Bret's class

Bret at the Atlantic