Now I think betting is wrong.  And I am not proud of the fact that I made a bet with Arden.  But I did.  It was in the spirit of our recent vacation.  I bet Arden that she would cry at some point in China.  You know returning to her roots.  The place she spent a large part of her childhood.  Arden always wanted to return to China and see it again.  As you can see I lost the bet!!  How in the heck could she not get mushy at some point in the trip?  Well, she didn't.  And that is why you don't bet.      


This may be one of my favorite pictures from our trip.  Overlooking the Yangtze River from the top of the Yellow Crane Tower.


You see a lot of this in China.  People just relaxing and enjoying each others company over a game of cards, checkers or whatever.  Maybe we should slow down and do a little more of that here. 

IMG_1177Lael and Arden riding a gondola up Bai Yun Mountain.  That is part of the Guangzhou skyline behind them.


IMG_1182The gondola doesn't take you all the way to the top of the mountain.  Lael was very proud of herself that she hiked the rest of the way up.


The baby is probably thinking you look like me, but what is that jabber coming out of your mouth. 


Arden is speaking to the lady at her orphanage who worked on Arden's adoption papers.  Arden would write me letters while she was waiting on her papers to be processed.  In one letter, she wrote that she did not want this to be a dream.  It wasn't, but it turned out to be a dream come true for us.  Arden is a wonderful daughter and was a fun little girl to raise.  

Children at Lael's orphanage. 

We were blessed and grateful we were able to take this trip back to China with our two oldest Chinese girls.  Thank you Jesus.