Only the strong survive. 


2016  Lael's orphanage.  We weren't let inside,  because I wouldn't pay the $400 plus gifts.  So I don't have pictures to show you of the plight the orphans where Lael used to live.  But I was inside the Guangzhou orphanage two and half years ago, and I saw more than I was supposed to see.  I was accidentally allowed to wander in on a room full of starving babies.   

The room was spic and span to the point it seemed sterile.  But the "babies" were so dirty and smelly that all I wanted to do was get back to the hotel and take a shower.  And, I didn't realize until I got back to the hotel, they were NOT even babies.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  They had mouths full of teeth.  Slimy never been brushed teeth.  They couldn't have been little babies with all those teeth!  I'm guessing they were more like two or three years old, some maybe older.

The children in this room acted like zombies.  They did not move and could barely even look at anything.  It was painful having to see these poor babies.  But I made myself pick one up.  What was my pain to theirs?  Nothing!  No clue if it was a boy or girl.  I tried to lift the baby out of the highchair it was in but couldn't.  The baby was really stuck, so I thought he or she was buckled in.  When I started looking for the buckle to undo, I realized the baby's leg were just tightly wrapped around the chair and very stiff from obviously having been in the highchair for so long.  I was finally able to bend the legs and maneuver the baby out of the chair.  I smiled and rocked the baby swinging him in the air.  Yes, the baby was there and a gleam began to show in the baby's eyes.  Just a little bit of human touch was beginning to bring the baby back to life.     

But then the staff realized I had wandered in the room I was not supposed to be in.  They very politely let me know I had to leave the room.  I had to put the baby back.  I wonder when or if the baby was ever played with again.

Before we all gasp and judge Communist China, let's remember we in our own country are allowing Planned Parenthood to murder innocent babies and harvest their organs for sale to the highest bidder.  If you have not watched the videos, then why not?  If you have watched the videos and haven't contacted your legislator to let them know you want Planned Parenthood defunded, then why not?

Why do we all look away?


There were probably ten rows of these babies.  The lady adopting with me stayed at the door and snapped these pictures with my camera.  She had guts, because I know they would not have liked it!


This was when we adopted Pryor and Boone.

When we left the orphanage I told our guide those babies needed attention.  He stated they needed a physical therapist and the orphanage could not afford that.  I figured any five year old could give them stimulation, if they only had some food!


Lael returning to her orphanage.  She left two months before turning four years old.  At the link below, Lael wrote about her memories being an orphan in a school paper she did:





These pictures are outside looking in.


















Driving down the road from the orphanage.