Remi spent the last couple of days with her biological sister Abigail. They are very much alike. Both very quiet. If my Mom were still alive and knew Remi, she would say "Remi doesn't give you a lick of trouble." And she doesn't (well every once in a great while she can show her temper).  But she loves God and prays to Jesus. Remi and Bret even do their own private Bible devotions.  She works really hard in school too.


Not bad at all Remi!


Picture 104

This is Remi in China while we there adopting her. When we first got Remi, she told me she was fast. I snickered to myself thinking, "How could this scrawny little girl possibly be fast?" Well, she showed me!

Remi Regional

Remi just finished her sophomore year and is a two-time Regional qualifier in the 4 X 100 relay. She also had a really good season in the individual 100 meter dash. By the end of the year she had overtaken the girl who formerly was the fastest girl on the team. And, as you can see from the video below, she was proud!


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