Tax time...





Tax freedom day is April 24, 2015.  What is tax freedom day?  It is the day Americans will have earned enough money to pay the government all the money it will take from us in taxes in 2015.  In other words, on April 24, 2015, you will be paid the first dollar that you actually get to keep this year.  So yes, if you work five days a week, the first 85 you worked were all for the government--more than that if you work more than five days a week.  In 2015, the federal government will take $3.28 trillion of our hard-earned income.  State and local governments will take another $1.57 trillion.  In total, we will hand over $4.85 trillion or 31 percent of our income.  And don't be fooled when you tally up your income tax return on April 15.  We turn over a ton of money to the government in sales taxes and a whole bunch of hidden taxes we may not even realize we pay.  Like every time you gas up, over 48 cents a gallon goes to the government.  Take a look at your cable bill.  I pay $7.15 every month for something called a "Local Video Service Franchise Fee."  Sure sounds like a tax to me!  And at $85 bucks a year, not a small one.  My other utility bills are also chock-full of weirdly named "fees" that I'm pretty sure are more taxes by another name. 

Anyone up for a tea party?