Bret's tennis game


Now I know nothing about tennis, despite the fact Lael and Arden played all through middle and high school and now Bret is.  I could care less if they win or lose.  Of course, I want them to be happy, so sure they should win.  I also know exercise is a  good thing. 

Saturday Bret won her second game, but her Dad was not happy with her first match.  According to her Dad, her coach is big on being aggressive, but her Dad says Bret was being too aggressive and it cost her some easy shots.  Her Dad says Bret was much better than the girl she played, but Bret played way too agressively and the other girl was content to just keep the ball in play.  I recall Mike saying, "slow and steady wins the race." 




So, after church Bret got a big "instructional speech" from her Dad! Bret being Bret, it is very usual for her to get lectured.  


Lael says Bret is everyone's favorite in the entire house. 



Dad:  "Was I too hard on Bret?  Did I say too much?"

Me:  "No, you weren't.  Maybe you were a little too winded."  


Then, Bret said something that made Lael and me laugh till we almost cried. 



Dad:  "Bret don't be mad at me."


Maybe I've carried, my "not" caring too far.  Keep in mind Bret is an "A" student.  And as far as I can tell, does nothing wrong.


Dad:  "Bret..." 


Dad:  "Now, Bret don't be mad."

Bret:  "Well, IT'S LIKE YOU WANT ME TO WIN!"  

Me:  "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he does."  

Hmm... political correctness gone a muck maybe?