YO!  You're not suppose to have the principal's cell memorized are you?  Last week I got a call from Boone's teacher twice.  I had given Boone plenty of lectures and was confident he "got it."  Actually, as I've said before,  his regular teacher is on maternity leave.  In the Fall she'll be back, and I'm glad!  She is "use" to Boone.  She also had Stafan a couple years back when he knew very little English, and when we got Shepard we were allowed to put Shepard with Stafan.  By that time Stafan's English was coming along, but of course Shepard knew zero.  She put their desks right next to one another,  thinking that would help Shepard feel more comfortable.  It made him so comfortable that Stafan was the only one in class he would hit.  She moved Shepard's desk. 


This was Shepard with Stafan shortly after we got home with Shepard.  In Shepard's referral picture he had his two front teeth, but by the time we got him they had been broken off.  We eventually found out his gums were full of infection and pus.  : - (((  He was living in pain and starting to run a fever. 


Back when I had only 3 sons. 


So, only two days left of school and Boone just couldn't make it despite the fact I had been to school once before to "take are of "business" and told him I would do it again.  Boone had been sticking out his tongue at the teacher and just being a royal pain.  He thinks things are funny and tries to make kids, but mostly adults laugh.  Boone loves adults--especially women.  The assistant said he usually hangs out with her on recess.  Since there was only one day left before school was out, and it was such a gorgeous afternoon, I had just sat down on the porch with a cup of coffee and Duck Dynasty's new book-The Women of Duck Commander.  My cell rang and I saw the principal's number.  I got in my car, and Boone along with his ESL teacher and an assistant were waiting on me when I walked in the door.  I walked over to Boone and asked him if he stuck his tongue out at the teacher.   He said yes, I took his arm, went to a private "family" style bathroom and took "care of business."  He came out crying (real tears, because I wasn't playing) and he told the ladies he was sorry. 


This was the morning "after" and the last day of school.  Boone looked like this, because I was asking him if I was going to be coming to the school again.


I still think he is a complete joy, and I would take another one just like him.  I don't have problems with him.  LOL The school does do a wonderful job and gives my kids an excellent education.  I'll just stick to my Duck Dynasty books and let them do their work. : - )

Below is what his ESL teacher sent home on the last day of school.  She wrote he was a bundle of energy-I'm sure he is at school, but he isn't at home.  He doesn't stick his tongue out at me, call me names or have melt downs.  He sits beside me every Sunday at church without making any noise.  This week we were at Arden's Evening of Distinction and he had to sit still for 90 minutes.  Arden did say he almost made her laugh on stage because he kept raising his eyebrows at her-guess I missed that.  Anyway, Boone has been here 8 months and came with no English, he is in 1st grade and already reading at grade level.   I love the part where she says his comprehension is high!!  She also wrote they worked on social skills-no peeing on the playground which he did do, but hey they do that in China!  And he is a boy!  Mike told a friend of his about Boone's peeing on the playground incident.  This guy is a pretty important player in the City of Indpls. (not trying to name drop, just making the point the guy isn't an unsophisticated slob).  His response was, "So?  When he's our age, he'll pee on the golf course."

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After yesterday, and how upset Lyric was because of school being out,  I had to laugh when I saw the picture below of Lyric coming home from school when she was younger.
Lyric loves kids and loves to play, but her favorite thing is anything to do with learning.