Boone prayed . . .  a real prayer . . . not the "shut up butt head” kind.  Last night at dinner when I asked who wanted to pray, Boone said he did.  It went like this:
Thank you God the kids at school were good today.  (OK, that's funny since he is the one that likes to get them fired up).  Thank you God Dad goes to work and makes money, and Lael too!


The kids were not thrilled this morning as I was taking these pictures at school.  They only have one day left after today though!!!   Stafan wasn’t happy about my picture taking, because a very, very cute girl was sitting in the truck next to us with her Dad.  Mind you, the little girl was sitting backwards in her seat the entire time staring and smiling at us.  Plus, her little sister was holding their cat up to their car window and making the cat wave at us.  But, according to Stafan, we were the "different" ones. 


Both the the little girl and her younger sister are beautiful little girls. The oldest one is friends with Cokie. Cokie reports they all ride the bus home in the evening together. Without saying one word the little girl holds out her hand and Stafan puts a piece of candy in it. Now that is sweet -- no pun intended. : - )





1 Thessalonians 5:17

  Pray without ceasing.