Things are starting to become more normal at school with the new boys well, at least for one of them.   Pryor stopped getting in trouble at school shortly after he got home last Fall.   He found out when he was in trouble at school, the punishment he got there was nothing compared to what would happen when he got home.  He also found out the teacher did talk to me.  Maybe Boone is just more confused.   He is funny and I do laugh at him a lot, but he does know I'm strict so he doesn't do a lot of testing at home.   School is a different story. It isn't like the teacher can come down on him like I can.   Plus, his regular teacher went on maternity leave and I guess Boone just has to test and try out the new one.

Our school has started something called "kindness" buckets.  I admit I don't have a clue exactly how it works, but it has something to do with saying kind words to someone else and you are filling up your bucket.   Personally,  I think there is a quicker and easier way to get results, but they don't ask me.  They just call me to straighten them out.  
When you say something bad you lose words from your bucket.
I sent in a little metal bucket for Boone and he is so proud of it.

The teacher called me at home twice this week.  Remember Boone is still learning English. At least that is "my" excuse."   Anyway, his teacher told me that Boone told an adult visitor they were stupid.  Here is how the conversation between Boone and the visitor went.

Boone:  You're stupid.

Visitor:   Ah... Boone, that isn't nice and you will have to take a word out of your bucket. 

Boone: Does God have a bucket? 

Visitor: Yes, Boone I think he does. 

Boone:   Liar!

You have to admit Boone is learning the truth about what is and isn't fact in the Bible. : - ) Personally, I think Boone might become a preacher or a Christian politician.