Important, important

important post....

Just got this awhile ago from our agency FTIA ....

Subject Line:  He knows!!

(insert tears here)

8/2: Liu  Yun has been sent back to the orphanage on 7/30. He is happy to know he will be adopted.

And, the email said this:

Are you going to send photo albums for both boys?  Also looks like you will have another (familiar) family with you in GD


Pryor Stanton Allen


Lincoln Asher

This is the "familiar" family's little boy!  I told his new Mom he has the looks of Elvis Presley.  Isn't he beautiful?!  He obviously knows they are coming!  

Does he or does he not look like a Chinese Elvis? Wonder if Lincoln sings?

His new Mom and I have traveled and adopted together 3 times.  We can't wait.


 Jia Xiao Bai-Allen.2(2)

Boone Forrest Allen Our other son waiting.

I wonder if he knows he is being adopted... he will soon enough. Thank you God.

Shi Jian Feng Date of birth Oct 14, 2000

And here is another little boy that is still just hoping to be adopted. You can contact any adoption agency that does Chinese adoptions. I'm using Families Thru International Adoption.  Tell them his name and birth date and they can help you make his dreams come true.  This is what his orphanage says about him (I think something got lost in the translation of the last sentence, but I'm sure they mean he takes care of himself).

He was found when he was a little baby. His dossier was sent to CCCWA on 2008. He’s never matched to any family. He will be AGED OUT on Oct. 2014. He is a sweet boy, who will take initiative to take care of younger kids. He is absolutely independent on daily life.
Shi Jian Feng Date of birth Oct 14, 2000