Today was Lael's huge day. She has been dreaming about it and planning it for years! It was her first day of college. Orphans are often different than your average birth child or at least mine from China have been. They are like old people that lived through the depression. They are concerned about their future. I remember when Lael was about 6 y.o. she asked me what would happen to her if Mike or I died. I explained to her that she has Aunts that would take her.   I also told her she would go to college and be able to take care of herself. That seemed to satisfied her. She has been on a mission since though.

She had everything planned out from her wardrobe for the entire week and of course her new car that she just went and bought the other day. After a long day at school she came home and said "It was just like high school!!" Then she ran upstairs to take a nap before she went to a job this evening.

I know everyone of these expressions Lael is making.   This is her listening with interest to her Dad.  Lael is very interested in people.  People can see that, and of course they like it--especially older people.  I remember one time we were at a reception at one of Mike's legal seminars.  Lael was probably about 8 y.o.  She sat there and asked this old stuffy partner from a very large Indianapolis law firm a million questions about himself.  He loved it and couldn't wait to talk to her the next day. 

This is her thinking about what her Dad just said. She is wondering if she is buying into it.

This is her... oh yeah I get it.  


This is just her being freaked out by what he said.
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Lael with her cousins Payton and Erin.  They were junior bridesmaids in their cousin's wedding.  They were so cute and someone even asked the bride if she rented them!!   

When Lael was little she would say to people, "Hello, I'm from China. My name is Lael and it rhymes with bell." She hates it when you make her name sound southern. : - )