Flashback Friday

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My Grandparents,  two brothers, my sister and my Grandma is holding me.  My Grandparents lived over 100 miles from us, but we spent a lot of time at their house.   I was raised near Indianapolis, but   they lived in French Lick (home of Larry Bird).   French Lick is very tiny so of course everyone knew everyone.  Larry Bird's Mom sent flowers to my Grandpa's funeral.  My Mom dated Larry Bird's Uncle and my Uncle Edgar dated Larry Bird's Mom.  Did you get that? : - )  In fact, Larry Bird's uncle (the one my Mom was dating) caught a fever while they were dating and died.  Right before he got sick, my Mom had went to Missouri to take care of her older sister (my Aunt Marion) who had also gotten sick with a fever (I don't know if it was the same fever, but you know how back in those days it seems like everyone was always coming down with dangerous fevers!)  By the time my Mom got back to French Lick, Larry Bird's uncle was already gone.    

Scan 132210006

This was also taken at their house.  My brother, baby sister and me.  And my beloved dog Teddy.  Teddy was married to Patty--and those two dogs really were husband and wife!  Scan 132210007
My Aunts, except for the lady in front is a friend and my Mom is in back pregnant with my oldest brother.  
Scan 132170009
My Mom's family.  Edgar is in the front on the left, my Mom is in the front far right standing and Aunt Marion is the girl in the back.  Aunt Marion got over the fever she had, married, had 3 children and became a home economics teacher. 
Scan 132170002
Fast forward several years. My Aunt Marion's daughter, Joy Jean and her husband is beside her on the left. Love Joy Jean's cool shag. She was my prettiest cousin. I'm in the back on the left with my brother and sister. Oh my word, it helps to blow these pictures up. I just now noticed my younger sis in the pic too. She is behind the car window wearing a red poncho!