The visit

We adopted Remi when she was 10 y.o. She was abandoned at age 5 and then the orphanage sent her to live with a foster family.   Remi never bonded with them, but she did bond with a couple other orphans.  The orphans were family and they stuck together.

One was Lan Lan.  Remi lived with Lan Lan 5 years.  Eight months after we adopted Remi, Lan Lan was adopted by a wonderful family in Oregon.  Last summer Lan Lan's Mom took a huge road trip with Lan Lan and her other children.  They drove clear across the country and they stopped by our house so the girls could see one another.  It was more exciting  than Christmas morning for Remi to get to see her long lost friend.

Well, Lan Lan and her mother flew to Indiana the other day and the girls got to spend time with one another once again. Remi said it was so great, because she never thought she would get to see her again. Remi said she was so happy Lan Lan still has the same personality.


Lan Lan told Remi after Remi went back to the orphanage to wait for her new family (us) she and the foster Mom went to the orphanage to try and say good bye, but they never got to see Remi.




All weekend Lan Lan and her mother ran around with us and we had a great visit!


We went to the fair and they got to meet some of my other friends.  This friend happened to be the one who sent me Remi's picture and told me I should adopt her.  I said, "OK."  LOL  That is pretty much how it went too.  When she had first sent me Remi's video, Remi spoke to me and her suggestion was all it took. 


The other orphan that Remi loved and loves is Abi. Abi was Remi's best friend in China and all the adoption paperwork said this. They lived next door to one another and the two foster moms were friends. Abi was adopted 2 weeks before Remi. During the beginning of our adoption paperwork we found out Abi's new family lived a few miles from us. I ended up loving Abi's Mom and family!! It was a true miracle that best friends ended up living so close, after being placed with different families half way around the world .

Of course, Abi came and spent the night too and Bret has a way of making Remi's friends her own. They all had a wonderful time.

One thing they love to do when they get together is call the foster mom. I can't imagine what she thought though, because all they did was giggle and act silly!!


They tried to get Abi to talk to the foster mom and Abi wanted NO PART IN IT!! The foster mom also tries to get Abi to call her foster mom and Abi wants no part of that either. I'm glad Abi knows what she wants and sticks to it.



I know they miss each other, but I know they are very content to know they all found a good family, and yes I think Remi found one too. : - )

Remi and Lan Lan stay in touch by texting! Remi and Abi are quiet, but Lan Lan is not.  Remi says sometimes she has to tell Lan Lan to stop texting so she can go to bed. LOL Of course, Oregon is a different time zone.


I just threw these in here. They are Cokie killing time waiting for Lan Lan and her Mom to get off their plane.




We took Lan Lan to the fair to see a friend of ours, Reagan show her cow. Reagan's Mom is Teri who we are going to China with soon!