Flashback Friday

Whitney Lauren

whit tiny
Whitney with her Dad. When Whitney was younger, he was working full time and going to night school. I was working too, so he would pick her up late every night at my Mom's house.
Whitney with my Mom and three of her sisters. Looks like it was at my Grandpa's funeral. His name was Earl Forrest and I'm naming Boone, Forrest after him. BTW, in a little over a week we will have our boys!!! I hope to blog from China.
whit pretty smile
I have close to 50 first cousins and not one redhead in the bunch. I had no idea how to take care of a redhead. I didn't know what colors to put on her and I didn't know how to take care of her fair skin. It was a learning experience. I pierced her ears when she was a baby-I was young. My Dad got sooooo mad at me. Actually, when we got there I couldn't do it and my girlfriend grabbed her from me and held her.
whit stevedon
Then came Brady from Cucuta, Colombia. He was 3 y.o. when we got him. The first time I gave him a bath I remember looking at him in the bathtub and thinking I would never get use to his brown butt! It took about 3 days. : - ) It was the same with our first Chinese daughter, Lael. I stared intently at her eyes for a month.
whit w corey
Whitney with her cousin Corey.
whit prom
The prom

Whitney, her Dad and baby. She graduated from Marian University and is married to a great guy!