I was invited to Zoobilation! Yeah!

Zoobilation sells out months in advance Updated: Friday, 08 Feb 2013, 3:45 PM EST Published : Friday, 08 Feb 2013, 3:45 PM EST INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - An Indianapolis Zoo black tie event that combines entertainment and food has sold out months before the event. Zoo officials said Friday that Zoobilation, scheduled for June 14, has sold out. This year’s theme is Safari in the City. The event gives attendees tastes from 70 Indianapolis restaurants, and several bands also perform. The zoo does have a ticketing waiting list. Those interested should email zoobilation@indyzoo.com.

It's Indiana's biggest fundraiser and it is for the... you guessed it (I hope) Indianapolis Zoo.


I cannot tell a lie. We walked around for 5 hours. On they way home I took off my shoes and thought I was going to die!! I don't know if I had a charlie horse in the bottom of my foot or what, but for half the way home it was killing me. For the next 2 days my foot felt weird and numb. Not sure what that was all about, but I paid for my fun! : - )




I snuck one of these home and gave it to Lyric and Cokie. Lyric said, "It is a fork and spoon!" She didn't really care much about the food itself and let Cokie eat it.


I walked up to this stand and thought this has gotta  be fun!
Wrong!! It was chocolate covered bacon! Really?!! This is not the State Fair.

When it got dark, the car stand was smoky (kind of neat).  The smoke was cool (as in temperature cool, not Fonzie cool).  I guess it was dry ice.
Get a load of the blue suit. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE nautical, but not so much on grown men. 

There are two main things you do at Zoobilation- look at the dresses and eat fine food.

Trust me-- this lady is waaayy under dressed.

I took this picture because of the lady on the left in the black skirt. I loved her outfit!  It was retro- ish and she wore it well.   I couldn't get a picture of the front though, because while Becki and I were trying to stare at her, she kept staring at us. Even though that is what you do at Zoobilation, you're not suppose to act like you're doing it. 
At Zoobilation you have the people that look great, the people trying to look great and then the... safari animal look??  Ironically, about the only wild thing you don't see at Zoobilation is .... animals.
I ran into a lady I knew and she said she was told to pace yourself with the eating. Becki says, "Really, because Sammy keeps saying go, go, go!"


I can now say I've had Oysters Rockefeller. It was good!


Becki and I got these knowing there was no way we could eat another bite, but I was not going to pass up Ruth's Chris, so I brought them home to Mike.  It was late, and he said he would eat them in the morning. I told him they would not be there in the morning. The next morning he said, "You weren't kidding."  No idea who ran and ate them ASAP, but I'm sure the older kids were waiting to see if I just happened to stuff some food in my purse and bring it home.

Check this out. The next morning my husband says, "Sammy, pull up the Indianapolis Star." My first thought was, "what did I do now?" Anyway, we were standing behind the people being interviewed, and I didn't even know it until Mike showed me this video the next morning. Since, we are on here though, I'll tell you that this reporter's dress looked silly for the event. No one dresses "normal" at Zoobilation.