Rhode Island





Jackie O spent her summers at this home in the distance.  Mike took it on his and Arden's sail ride.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Childhood Home Newport Rhode Island

This is also where she and her children went and spent the winter after JFK was assassinated.  It tells all about it in O'Reilly's book, "Killing Kennedy."




If you can't afford a boat then you take pictures of boats... or at least I do.



Rhode Island is covered with blue, blue hydrangeas!!  For some reason they just love it there and I guess because of the soil they are almost all blue.



 I love looking at pretty cupcakes.  They are "real" cupcakes-the kind you eat.


So, I stopped to look at these.  Turns out they were soap-expensive soap.  The sales girl was pushy, high pressure and tries to get me to come over so she can... uhhh... sale me some.  I wouldn't follow her so she grabs Mike and Arden.  I figure if they are stupid... I mean nice enough to stick around that was their problem.  I sneak out and yes I hid, because Mike and Arden were saying something like "she wants to show you something."  Finally, they come out and Mike tells me she kept saying "Where is your wife?"  Guess what she tried to sale them?!?!  $90 hand softener!!  Yeah, right you can't have this many kids and be into $90 soap.  I'm lucky to afford Dove with the stinky economy.