I'm back...

Mike, Arden and I have been on a trip. Lael was supposed to go, but I found out (through Arden) that she signed up for Christ in Youth instead!  CIY was in TN this year. Lael is sentimental and it was her last year to go so she picked it over us, but I'm fine with it. :- ) She said one of the directors cried, because he has been with many of these kids since they were in 6th grade. And, of course Lael said that made her cry.  Bret went to CIY too, but since she is just starting high school it was not bittersweet for her. Anyway, I don't have time to talk too much about our vacation tonight. I'm knee deep in laundry and need to repack, because we have other kids leaving for camp. Plus, Remi's foster sister whom she lived with a long time in China, is coming to visit! She was adopted soon after Remi, and now lives with her new family in Oregon. The girls have stayed in touch mostly by texting and can't wait to see each other. Anyway, to keep with the completely random and rambling theme of this post...here are a few pics from our vacation.
We had been gone from the house about 30 minutes and I decided I needed coffee.

Yes, my camera is on it's last leg and I'll have to get a new one before we leave for China.
This was after we got off the airplane and had to get over the bridge to get to.... : - )
RI - Newport: Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge
RI - Newport: Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge
RI - Newport: Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge and Rose Island Light