We left Newport for the day and went into Boston.

When we were there a few years ago we had fun in Chinatown. We ate at a great hole in the wall. I didn't know if I would be able to spot it again, but we easily found it. It was great and Arden said it was the VERY best Chinese food she ever ate. That is saying a lot coming from someone who was raised in China till she was almost 12 y.o.!! It is also saying a lot coming from someone who often keeps her opinions to herself.

This dish was Sichuan and very spicy. I could not stop eating and neither could Arden. For Arden to eat a lot of anything is very unusual.
See how close the people appear to one another? Well, they really were! You could hardly move, but it was so worth it.


The place had no standing room and you had to wait outside for them to call your name. It was ran by "real" Chinese. We went inside to see if they were ready for us and they pretty much just told us to get back outside. : - ) That is "real" Chinese for you. Again, the food was so worth it. LOL

We also went next door at a "real" Chinese bakery. Since Arden was with a white lady, the Chinese sales woman looked pretty shocked when Arden ordered in Chinese. Arden had been wanting a moon cake for a long time.