Wordless Wednesday

or at least I'll try.


Yeah, you know I can't do it.  Only God could make me fall in love with this baby from across the room.  Then walk straight to her, pass a room full of babies and then notice her legs were burned black, and not care- I still wanted her.  Her right foot was vivid blood red, but the other foot was burned black and all the toes gone.  I covered them so as not to offend the nannies.  Only God could make me not worry if she would ever walk or how much she might cost us, or that I was 46 y.o. and did NOT want another baby.


Surgery after surgery, but soon she walked, ran, climbed, swam and even this year plays basketball on a team.


And, I hope my other kids don't mind me saying it, but she may be my easiest kid. No one could ask for a more perfect daughter.  She is our life... along with our others of course. : - )  Cokie really is sweet, smart and easy.   







As sweet as it is--her two brothers and cousin helping her get her brace on--the truth is this rarely happens.  They were helping that morning because her brace was brand new and her last pair of boots were kind of small for the new brace. 

chinapictures 035

One year from the first time I saw her.
chinapictures 033
Lyric was only about 4 months older than Cokie. Wouldn't you think Lyric would have been jealous? Lyric never was and to this day they always want to be together.
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 chinapictures 074

These were in China after we had just picked Cokie up.  The question everyone wants to know is how it happened.  I can only tell you your guess is as good as mine.  She was burned and abandoned in the hospital. 

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